About Busy Birdies Studio

How It Started

Six years ago, I began teaching myself how to sew, using an Elna Super from the 1960’s that once belonged to my mother, Roberta. Mom used it to sew clothes, curtains, and a few random items over the years. She taught me how to sew little sachet bags as gifts for friends, as well as a little tampon pouch that was the precursor to the In the Red tampon pouches you can find in the shop.

For many years, the Elna sat unused, along with lots of fabric and notions. After Mom died, it took me a few years to work up the courage to finally begin sewing – and once I started, I was hooked. It didn’t take me long to begin coming up with my own patterns and creating them.

In addition to the Elna Super, I sew with a Brother HE120 that Mom purchased for its embroidery features, but never used. The Brother also runs beautifully, but is way more electronics-driven than the Elna.

One of Mom’s nicknames growing up was Birdie, hence the name of the shop. She is the original “busy birdie”, who loved fabric stores and collected sewing supplies & notions that I still use today. Busy Birdies Studio wouldn’t exist without her.

Corinne, OwnerCorinne Litchfield, Corinne Litchfield Media, Busy Birdies Studio

What We Sell

All Busy Birdies Studio products are handcrafted by me. Several products are my own creation, based on patterns I found and modified for my own use.

A majority of the fabrics used are vintage ones that were given to me by friends and family members from their fabric stash. (Turns out when you start sewing, fellow sewists will offer you fabric to help you build up your own stash.)

Products fall under one or more categories:


items for home use, such as coasters, placemats, napkins, coffee cozys


accessories for office or school, such as notebook covers and desk/bag organizers


accessories for personal use, such as the In the Red pouches, zip pouches, bags and totes


items that work with and support personal growth & development (coming soon)

The Product Names

With the exception of the In the Red product line, all products are named for women on both sides of my family to honor their legacy. A photo and brief bio for the product’s namesake is available on every product listing.